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writer trapped in a copywriter's body

I am a writer before I am a copywriter - in fact the former led me to the latter. I used to write for fun, then leisure, then for passion, then for profession. Then I made a career switch and completely lost my muse.


I'm trying my best to find her again. While I search for her, I'm currently working on a collection and finishing up on a novella that I would love to share with you - when it's time. 


But for now, here are some of my random essays, reviews, poems, pieces and stories for your reading pleasure - if you can't stand all the Advertising stuff lol. 

This digital horror anthology series was created in the spirit of Halloween, based on some

 Two Sentence Horror Stories I wrote for a copywriting assignment back in Miami Ad School .

"When a hot new Fast Food Restaurant comes into town blazing,

Burger King and McDonalds hatch a plan to stop them."

"An Ikea Employee attends to her weirdest customer ever."

"A Copywriter gets the chance to be on his dream pitch."

"A young Father's worst fear comes to life."

The  Two  Fraus

I've always found Germanic Folklore and Mythology fascinating.  These twin poems were written

6 months apart; Frau Holle was inspired by the last snowfall of  Winter (on March 31st 2022),

while Frau Sunna was written during the last days of Summer (September 2022).

The below are pieces inspired by a wide range of human emotions,

from Sport to SocioPolitics, Depression, Creative Procrastination etc.

Click any of the links below to read more of my pieces!

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