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Music in Advertising has always fascinated me, and being a huge Hiphop/Rap fan, I've always tried to find a way to infuse this personal passion into creative work (where and when it fits.)

This is my #AdRapper series, showing my use of music and lyricism in creative advertising and brand communication.

PandaMix FoodPanda

You need food. You need groceries. Don't stress, Foodpanda's got both deliveries.

Had this fun idea while interning at INGO Hamburg- what if Foodpanda remixes the Panda hit by Desiigner, with the lyrics

about the brand instead? Months later, I linked up with Filmmaker/Art Director Saba Noneshvili and we made this music video.

Go Off JBL

My JBL Charge 4 speaker is the one thing that I've depended on through the ups and downs, in good and bad times,

across different climes and continents. So I made this 'visual love letter' in its honour.

The McCypher McDonalds

Germany and England are long lost cousins and have always been rivals, especially in recent history. Many nationals/residents

have negative perceptions about one another, believing in stereotypes that are not always true. But we have a lot in common.

I made this concept piece for McDonald's. It's essentially a rap battle between two cousins - one in the UK and the other in Germany

who go back and forth humorously about their respective countries. It peaks when they’re interrupted by a mutual friend - The Big Mac.

Fun Fact: The UK rapper is my real life cousin and recording artiste Elijah Khan

Nothing Like The Rest StarTimes


This TVC was created in 2018 while at Insight Publicis to communicate the uniqueness of Bundesliga (the German League)

to StarTimes' millions of subscribers in sub-saharan Africa using Rap Advertising.


I wrote and rapped the demo for this StarTimes 2018 Bundesliga campaign (coincidentally before I came to Germany).

Startimes Bundesliga Rap Demo
00:00 / 01:22

Star 45cl Challenge Star Lager Beer,

Wrote and rapped this demo radio spot for the launch of Star Lager Beer's new 45cl bottle, while at Insight Publicis.


The goal was tor create a simple and catchy promo spot that could run as radio spots and live on digital platforms.

Never ran officially, but we had fun making this!

Brainstorm Sessions

Brainstorm Sessions is a rap duo composed of two

mad Ad men — a Copywriter (me) and an Art Director

(Samuel Olorundare @samasvp).


It started out as a fun freestyle session while brainstorming ideas for the Ad Agency we both worked in — and led to a freestyle tape, the eponymous 'Brainstorm Sessions' in 2019.

Red Verb Salad is our second release. Now thousands of miles apart, we had a freestyle brainstorm session about everything and anything going on in our home country - Nigeria, and in our minds.


No Mics, no Production, just 11 minutes of Bars, Flips, obscure references and multiple entendres.

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